Release Day

Last night I was on social media and my best friend sent me this video.   For those of you living under a rock, then you may not know what happen a few days ago. One of the greatest moments of Theo year. The time that we all live for and plan all year for. I know have had it on my calendar for at least eight months.

With two countdown calendars so as not to miss anything. Boy was I excited for this entire time I have had a countdown clock on my phone, my bedroom. Oh, I forgot my office as well. My family really have grown extremely annoyed with my great anticipation and me.

Ok I know everyone is ready to hear what when down this week. It was release day. A release of new Jordan’s. Boy this is my favorite time of year. I bought like seven pairs. All in my size of course but different colors schemes. I cannot wait until I have worn each one.

Which leads me to the video my boy sent me this morning. Some mall in Michigan, experience a stampede. Like black Friday on crack. It was crazy seeing all of those people rushing like a mad men and women to buy a pair of shoes. It was crazy just watching it.

Lucky for me I know someone that means I do not even have to wait in line. I just have my person set aside my sizes.

With a discount!

The Best Day Ever!

Today just was amazing. I love when you have an unexpected surprise or surprises in my case. I know there aer people out there that hate surprise, always having to be aware of everything and anything that is going on. Not this person. I love surprises, as long as they are good and happy surprise. Not those one that end with someone’s premature death or an unexpected parking ticket for a hundred and fifty dollars. I mean each of those things can be surprising but they are not particular fun.

You feel me.

Today I woke up to breakfast being delivered to my house. My parents ordered me breakfast and had the restaurant delivered it to my house. Such a sweet thing to do, do not you think.   Then my new pair of Jordan’s were delivered to me, when I was not expecting them for another week. That never happens, at least never to me. Not to mention I won free car washes for life and I found a lottery scratcher while I was at the car wash place. It was a winner for five hundred dollars!

Yes, toddy was a day worth living for. It one of those days that you think about and mull over on those days of utter disaster. Yes, it is a day worth remembering.

I cannot wait until tomorrow I only hope that it will be at least half as great.

My favorite Childhood Memory

After a years and years of searching for the perfect pair of Jordan’s. They are these exclusive boys, ones that I have not seen since I was seven years old. I remember as if it was yesterday.

My older brother took me to his friend Danby’s house. He just so happen to be watching me while our parents were at work. Although it did not happen often but that day was one of those days that they were both working late? My other siblings had different things to do or they were away at school. Therefore, my brother was stuck watching me. Those our words not mine.

At Danby’s house to play video games and shoot, some hoop. After a few hours and seven root beers later, I had to pee like a racehorse. After asking where the bathroom is, I was given directions and excuse myself.

After I went to the bathroom, I noticed this room. It was full of shoes. It was like walking into the shoe store at the mall. It was behind my wildest imagination. As a child, I have never seen such a spread of shoes. I still have not seen anything like that since then. I have tried to compete but I am still far from being the there.

As I stood there gazing in awe, Danby father just so happen to make his way upstairs. He noticed my staring and invited me into his closest, well his shoe closet.

He let me look at, touch and try on all of his shoes. It was amazing.

Retail Therapy

Sometimes it seems as though for every step I take moving forward I am knocked back three. Every time I tried to get ahead in my life there is always something there to create an obstacle. Pushing myself back and at times require me to start over. It is a vicious cycle.

Whenever I feel as though I have hit a gigantic bump in the road, I like to do a little retail therapy. I know it is not a productive thing to do, in fact, it is quite enabling. However every occasionally I think it is ok, right?

Lucky I do not have to do this quite often. My life is usually so care free and easy breezy, it is probably why I have to go through so far to resolve my feelings and pick my spirits up.

The last time I had to use this type of retail therapy, was last year around the middle March. After going through a hard time in my financial life. Going through an employment loss, the company I worked for, for thirteen years, went under. What is worse is that they took all of our retirement funds with them.

My union is still fighting the good fight. Trying to have my old employer return our funds back to us. All those people they gave many good and hard years all they could do is file bankruptcy and strip us of our retirement money.

That month I bought like ten pairs of Jordan’s. It was a difficult time for me.

One of a Kind

Now that you have chosen your well-supported shoe that shoe that will support you from top to bottom. The base to the crown. All of which is now supported and strengthen by the shoes on your feet. For all of this comfort and support is it necessary to give up style and color? No not at all.

There are many different color schemes and flavors to choose from. Whatever taste you may have, there is a Jordan that will fit you.

What I most like about Jordan’s is that they always take a chance. They are always doing something new and bold. Creating trends and diminishing traditions. Mixing colors, patterns, and fabrics creating new worlds. New possibilities.

The exclusiveness that they allow those that do not necessary get, by creating a slim number of a set and unique pattern and design. The average Joe can be a super star. He or she will be able to feel as though they are the only one that matters. That no one else will have the exact same shoe that they may have on their feet.

Last week I was at the mall, I needed to pick up some essential items. You know the usually socks, thirsts, underwear, just little everyday things that occasionally need to be replaced, once I was done with my shopping I stopped bout a cookie then pass by my favorite shoe store.

There was a little boy getting his first pair of Jordan’s. Man was he happy.

Choose Support

No matter what the physical activity, what macaws a mundane activity easy and safe is to have a great pair of shoes.

There have been study after study of the importance of a great pair of shoes. One the lends itself to great support, comfort, stability, and cushion against hard surfaces such as cement and concrete.

When the feet are place into a structurally sound platform such as a great pair of Jordan’s not only are the feet and their arches supported but also the entire body. From calves, hips, to the back and neck. A great pair of shoes supports all.

When a person equips himself or herself with the right support a dramatic improvement will be felt. If there is any problems in the back, in particular the lower back, this is remedied by sound arch support. By giving your feet a great step, this reduces the stress places one the legs, which lead directly to the back.

Not to mention the reeducation orthopedic pains. Some people wake up unable to walk because of the shooting pain in their feet. It is felt in the arches, the tip of the toes, and the hell as well. By placing their feet on the ground, it is as if the entire foot has been place in a vice.

However, the support found in good pair of shoes will take away most if not all of the pain felt. Waking up ready to spring into action.

The cheat the base of the body, buy good shoes, buy Jordan’s.

The Best Feeling EVER!

Aww ain’t nothing like it. Just bring a smile into my heart and onto my face. Seriously, it just warms my body from the inside out. I said it before and I will say it again, aunt nothing like it.

What can make a person feel so instantly golden that words do not even encompass the feel good feelings that they aer being engulfed in? Only thing that does this for me, only one thing in the entire world.

A new pair of Jordan’s!

Boy aer they beautiful. Like nothing, you have ever seen. I mean it is literally art on your feet.   One word simply amazing. The perfect stitching, unique and one of a kind custom color scheme, delicate material. The great people of Nike sure did break the mold on these bad boys. I am telling you they are nothing like anything you have ever seen.

What is even better than the looks of the shoe is how they feel once you put them on your feet. I do not know if I even have the words to describe it. However, I have to, so here goes nothing.

Some people will not get this analogy but it is the most accurate one that I can think have now. If you have ever spent any time in a stock racecar, you know strapped in those plush bucket seats. How everything seems to mold its self about you, and engulfed you in its cushioning softness.

Well imagine that on your feet. That is exactly what it feels like.

It just slipped my mind

I cannot believe I missed out the on the latest pair of Jordan’s. Man this is something that I never thought I would ever say. Ugh. I do not know what happen to me it has just been one of those days I guess. However, I cannot remover anything that would have caused to miss this glorious day. For the past eleven years, I have never missed a single released day.

Now I am trying to think what exactly I was doing today that would have caused me miss it today. Nothing spectacular happen today just eh same old thing. I was taking care of business as I do every day. Nothing really out of the ordinary.

Now I know what happen. I just realized how I missed the ball, so to speak, on this one. I do not know how I could have forgotten what happen today. Maybe because it was so surprising and out of the box that I may not have really thought about until now. That and the fact that I have been busy this week. With my sister’s wedding and my cousin thirtieth birthday party. Not to mention my parents wedding anniversary party. Each one I am organizing and participating in. To this day, I have no idea why I said yes to each one as I have all the time of the world.

Amway today I was driving to pick up my outfit for the wedding and drop off invitations for the wedding, party, and anniversary party and a car hit me.

Keep it real

When I young before, I got my money right, I was duped by some online predator with some super bogus Jordan’s. After surfing the web, I came across this person selling Jordan’s from out of his girl’s house. Thanks craigslist.

Now that I am a little, bit older and well verse in buying sneakers. Does not matter if it is from the mall or behind the seven eleven.

Hey, I still enjoy the rush of finding a great deal and testing the limit.

When you dealing with less than legit alternatives you must armed yourself with the knowhow of what to look for in the shoe. There are a few things to look for and pay attention to. Trust me if you follow these few things then you too may find a gem in a sea of crap.

Stitched on Logos

This one is obvious but there are many people who do not realize that this something that you must pay attention. I cannot tell you the number someone tried to pass off as the real deal with junky merchandise. If the jump man is glued on or pasted to the side then that is not the shoe for you. Straight trash.


Check on the soles. If you see any glue keeping the shoe and the sole of the shoe together then run. This is not the shoe for you. Definitely a fake.


Pay attention to how heavy or light the shoe is. When it comes to athletic shoes nowadays it is important that everything to be light. A heavy shoe is a cheap shoe.

My First Love

If I could I would wear Jordan’s every day of my life no matter what type of situation I am a part of, business meetings, funerals, weddings, baby showers, swimming pool parties, wherever and whenever. I love them so much. The style, the swag, the comfort. They are just the is. I have yet to find a shoe that can compete with it.

I have tried different shoes over the years. My mom hates that I always wearing gym shoes; every so often, she will go out and buy me a new pair of shoes. Sometimes they are nice, well most of the time they are great. I mean the woman does have great taste. Where do you think I get it? Definitely not my dad, if it was up to him he would dress like a farmer. Lucky for all of us he is married to my mom.

For years, my mom would shop and dress everyone in her house. I included.

Then while in was in high school, we were encourage to buy the team shoe. Which just so happen to be a pair of Jordan has in our school’s color and it had our mascot emblazon on the side of the shoe.

Really, I fell in love with them that moment. I remember friends going to what I thought was extreme trying to get the newest pair. I really thought they were crazy.

Fast forward to that first pair. Wanting to gain more, I got a job at a footlocker. This gave me first dibs on everything!